Hot Cocoa Bombs~ Regular or Boozy

Hot Chocolate Bombs-$5.00 each


​~Mexican (cinnamon)
*Choose from White, Milk or Dark Chocolate*

We use real tempered chocolate, not candy melts

All are filled with our own hot cocoa mix & marshmallows
They come individually wrapped with a tag
Keep in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, heat and not refrigerated. 
They will keep for several months this way. 
They are fragile, handle with care. 
Heat 8 to 12 oz of milk to almost a boil, put bomb in mug and pour milk over, stir and enjoy!!!

Can also use coffee instead of milk.

Boozy Bombs for 21 and older.

$7.00 each


~Peppermint Vodka

~Caramel Vodka


Choose from White, Milk or Dark Chocolate

Boozy Bombs have a 3 week shelf life. 

Same instructions as above heat milk or coffee

to almost a boil, put bomb in mug, pour milk or coffee

over bomb, stir and enjoy!!!

Please place cocoa bombs orders at least 3 days in advance.

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