Whoopee Pie Fundraiser Information:

Minimum order of $500 in sales.
From $500-$990 you receive 20% in sales
From $1000 and up you receive 25% in sales

Whoopee pies cost $30/dozen of all of the same flavor in a box or $15/half dozen for all of the same flavor in a box. We cannot mix boxes of flavors (meaning 2 pumpkin, 2 chocolate, 2 apple). 

I will provide you with the spreadsheet with your flavors you may choose up to 8 and you will need to make the copies. 

Orders need to be in to me 2 weeks prior to delivery/pick up date.

At that time 50% of the balance after taking out your donation is due to me and the remainder is to be paid to me at pick up/delivery. I will only accept cash or check made out to Smackerals By Michelle.

I will deliver one vehicle load to you at no cost, any additional trips there will be a $20 delivery fee per trip or the rest will need to be picked up if I am not delivering. 

I will provide a tasting/samples, if you pick up and handle the tasting there is no fee for 12 dozen samples. If you need me to be there, there will be a charge of $10/hour for my time. The samples are a very small taste of half of the whoopee pies with the butter cream on top. Please email me for a picture at mlpastryfox@gmail.com

At delivery time and/or pick up of whoopee pies. The person in charge will need to count the number of boxes and flavors to be sure the numbers are correct and then sign the paper with the totals.

Please contact:

Michelle or Steve Fox

Whoopee Pie Fundraiser Flavors:
~Chocolate with(choose a flavor below)
Peanut Butter

~Vanilla with(choose a flavor below)
Peanut Butter

~Chocolate Chip w/chocolate
~Carrot Cake w/cinnamon
~Oatmeal Raisin w/cinnamon
~Pumpkin w/vanilla
~Cinnamon w/apple bc-fall only
~Lemon w/raspberry
~Lemon w/lemon