Easter Menu

Individual Egg Cakes-covered in a chocolate glaze-$3.00 each
yellow or chocolate cake

Individual Coconut Egg Cakes-covered in vanilla butter cream
ans topped with coconut-$3.00 each

Individual Bunny Cakes-covered in a chocolate glaze-$3.00 each

8" Coconut Cake-$28.00
10" Coconut Cake-$37.00

8" Carrot Cake-$28.00
10" Carrot Cake-$37.00
your choice: vanilla butter cream or cream cheese icing

Bunny Cake-covered in coconut-$30.00
Can also be iced on butter cream
or Chocolate Glaze as shown on the eggs.

Jelly Spritz cookies-$12.00 for  8 cookies
Fudge Spritz Cookies-$12.00 for 16 cookies

Carrot Cake Whoopee Pie with Cinnamon Butter Cream
$21.00-dozen/medium size

Lemon Whoopee Pies with Lemon Butter Cream

or Raspberry Butter Cream
$21.00-dozen medium size

Chocolate Bundt Cake-$20.00

Coconut Cream Pie-$20.00 each

Chocolate Cream Pie-$20.00 each

Square Petit fours-$24.00 dozen
almond flavored sponge, layered with raspberry preserves
& covered in vanilla glaze, decorated with flowers

Coconut Custard Pie-$20.00 each

Cut out Sugar cookies-$3.00 each
 Eggs, Carrots, Chicks & Bunnies
Decorations will vary

Entire Menu is available and custom orders always accepted.

Please order by Wednesday March 28, 2018
for pick up on Saturday March 31, 2018