**Pricing Subject to Change at ANY TIME due to the rise in all costs**

I do not have time to update the website weekly so when placing an order some items may be more expensive than listed here. I try to keep it updated and not increase costs but I am a very small business and sometimes ingredients double in a week. We can no longer afford to absorb these increases. Thank you for understanding.

Bagel & Breakfast Pastry Saturdays:

Once a month we offer bagels and various breakfast pastries

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for Details


Hot Chocolate Bombs-$6.00-$8.00 each

*Choose from White, Milk or Dark Chocolate*

We use real tempered chocolate, not candy melts

All are filled with our own hot cocoa mix & marshmallows

They come individually wrapped with a tag

Keep in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, heat and not refrigerated. 

They will keep for several months this way. 

They are fragile, handle with care. 

Heat 8 to 12 oz of milk to almost a boil, put bomb in mug and pour over milk, 

stir and enjoy!!! Can also use coffee instead of milk.

Boozy Bombs for 21 and older.

See Hot Cocoa Bomb page for more information

Made to Order

& Schedule a

pick up time Monday-Saturday. Closed Sundays

Made to Order Guaranteed fresh & delicious

Order Today 

Always Fresh

& from Scratch

Call to place an order

 Email me @ mlpastryfox@gmail.com

for more pictures of your cake theme!!!

Now Making

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Milk, white or dark



​I have hundreds of more pictures of cakes and cupcakes  I have created then what is shown on here. 
Please email @ mlpastryfox@gmail.com if you are looking for something specific, I can make just about anything 

Preferred Payment Methods Due to COVID-19

Cash, Venmo  @ Michelle-Fox-177

Paypal friends & family @ mlpastryfox@gmail.com

Cashapp @ $MichelleFox177

Visa, Mastercard & American Express accepted for an additional fee

due to hand entering credit cards or invoices because of COVID-19

50% deposit required on all orders $100.00 and over

When ordering, please note the following:
Orders must be placed in advance for pickups at the bakery. 
Because the bakery is located in a residential area
I am unable to have retail hours due to the County

Pick up times are available Monday-Saturday, call/email to schedule a time.

We are now closed on Sundays!!!!

Due to COVID-19 no one is allowed

in our bakery, we will bring all orders out

and put in your car. We will be wearing masks and ask

for social distancing. Please pull into the driveway and

 call 302-376-8272 when you arrive. 

Thank you
I am a licensed and inspected bakery through the 
State of Delaware.
Located in North Middletown, Delaware
I use the highest quality ingredients and make everything fresh and from scratch. 

(3D and cakes with handmade figures)
 at least 1 week in advance to guarantee availability. 
(I will, however, try to accommodate on less notice if it is possible, please call)
NOTE: I DO NOT use Fondant, I will use Sugar paste for accents, bows, figures, etc
All tiered cakes and 3D cakes cake are iced in butter cream-whipped cream can not be used
               Cake orders for round and sheet cakes should be ordered by Wednesday for Saturday pick up.                           ****All cakes are iced in buttercream, they should be refrigerated if not serving within a few hours of picking up from the bakery. OR if you will be transporting the cake again it should be refrigerated prior to transporting!!!! We are not responsible for the cakes once they leave the bakery, we refrigerate them prior to being picked up so they will not "slide" on the way to your destination.  They should not be left in cars without the AC on(even for 5 minutes), in the sun, in warm or hot rooms(over 78 degrees), on top of a dryer, washer, refrigerator or by an oven/stove or heat source. All whipped cream and mousse filled or covered cakes NEED to be refrigerated until just before serving. Buttercream covered cakes should be left at room temperature 1-2 hours prior to serving so the buttercream can soften**** 

Cookies, Cupcakes, Whoopee Pies, Pies and Pastries 
can usually be prepared and made 
available on less notice, most within 1 day.
As always please call me for last minute orders
Cut Out Sugar Cookies and Cookie Bouquets need to be placed at least 72 hours in advance!!!

50% deposit required on all orders of $100.00 and over
Thanks to all of you for your support.
Please contact me with any questions.